The Future Of Online Education And The Best Online Schools

Learning online can take many forms. From blended classrooms to entirely online degree programs to one off courses for fun or for credit, online learning is still in a huge expansion phase. The handy infographic below takes a look at this change in learning from in class to online from its beginning to taking a look at the future. Keep reading to learn more about this potentially revolutionary learning trend.

The Online Education Boom

Enrollment in online education has been growing exponentially since the mid-1990’s, when the internet really began gaining popularity and widespread use. The percentage of online enrollments vs. total higher education enrollments has climbed steadily, even with total enrollment numbers increasing across the board.

  • 1995 -5.6% of total enrollments were for online learning
  • 2000 – 18.9% of total enrollments were for online learning
  • 2005 – 18.3% of total enrollments were for online learning
  • 2009- 27.5% of total enrollments were for online learning

Ranking The Best Online Schools And Programs

Picking an online program has traditionally been a bit more of a shot in the dark than choosing a traditional brick and mortar school, in which you can scope out the faculty, the campus, the course offerings, and figures like graduation and employment rates. In 2012, US News and World Report released its first rankings for online programs. They ranked 196 programs (for Bachelor’s degrees) in three important categories:

  • Faculty credentials and training
  • Student services and technology
  • Student engagement and assessment

The Future Of Online Learning

  • It is predicted that in the next five years, the American market for online education will plateau
  • The European and Asian online education markets are predicted to grow steadily over the next 5 years, contributing over $100 billion to the industry
  • The overseas market (more generally) is expected to grow 50% by 2014