Most Expensive App Being Given Free To Law Students

The most expensive app (source) in the Apple App Store is being given away for free to the Class of 2011 at Harvard Law School.  BarMax, a start-up company bringing bar exam prep to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, announced today a gift to Harvard Law School (HLS). BarMax was co-founded by two HLS alumni, Michael Ghaffary (’06) and Mehran Ebadolahi (’10), to give law students an alternative to more expensive bar exam prep courses.

The gift will give every single student in the HLS Class of 2011 a free copy of BarMax. Students may choose among BarMax CA, BarMax NY or BarMax MBE on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

What Students Are Saying

“Current students are very excited about this new bar exam prep course for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, especially because BarMax was started by two recent HLS graduates,” said Jennifer Dien (’11), the current President of the Student Government at HLS. ”It’s extremely helpful for students — particularly those going into public interest — to have a cost-free alternative to the mainstream expensive prep courses.  Some students are even planning to buy iPads just to experience BarMax! It’s great to see a new company using innovation and technology to help law students pass the bar.” -Source: PRNewswire

Top-Grossing iPad Education App

BarMax recently re-built its app from the ground up to take advantage of the new capabilities and the larger screen of iPad. In just three weeks since the iPad app was launched, BarMax NY for iPad became the top-grossing iPad Education App. -Source: PRNewswire

Do Educational Apps Work?

It will be interesting to see how BarMax does in the coming years. Will it put a noticeable dent in the bottom lines of the more established firms doing Bar Review? Will law students do just as well with an app as they would with in-person tutoring? Will law firms pay for BarMax instead of BarBri or other established routes?

Will Cheaper or Premium Educational Apps Prevail?

What do you think? While all the rage right now,educational technology is definitely still in its infancy. I would love to hear if you think expensive premium apps like BarMax are the future or simpler, cheaper educational apps will become the norm. Weigh in down in the comments, by mentioning @edudemic, or on the Edudemic facebook page! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!