Are You An Edutainer?

When it comes to school and homework, some students just have trouble staying motivated. Certain subjects can be easier than others to stay connected with, but just about every student has at least a subject or two that they find it difficult to get motivated about.

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

One powerful way to combat this sort of lethargy is through edutainment, the merging of education and entertainment. When learning has an element of playing a game and is combined with other creative and stimulating media, the result can be a genuinely fun learning experience. As a result, students come to enjoy education and even seek out further learning on specific subjects.

Edutainment in the digital age has led to adding a technology element to both education and entertainment. The development of edutainment apps for mobile phones, computers and tablets has further enhanced the motivating effect of edutainment.

The World Is Going Mobile

Mobile phones have become a focal point of both technology research and development as well as marketing dollars as their popularity and usage continues to grow. There’s a sector of people that rely almost exclusively on their mobile phones to stay connected with other people as well as the Internet.

More and more, mobile phones are functioning as all-in-one devices that people rely on for practical matters as well as for games and entertainment. There seems to be a mobile app for just about everything. The edutainment app market now targets these users quite aggressively, as only more growth and proliferation seems to be on the way in the mobile phone arena.

Blending Worlds: The Edutainment App Developer

For the app developer, edutainment app development is in a sense a blending of two worlds. Their job becomes a sort of hybrid of educational app programming and game programming. There are both features and constraints to both worlds as the developer strives to make the app and its concept truly educational, while also making it aesthetically appealing and genuinely engaging to play.

3D GPUs have contributed to the surge in mobile game development. The wide availability of smartphones with dedicated 3D processing chips means that support for more visually stunning apps is nearly ubiquitous. The result for users is a more enjoyable viewing experience with advances in graphics quality. For developers, they have an increased ability to create higher resolution 3D graphics with smoother frame rates, without requiring too much wizardry when it comes to writing the code. This is appealing to app makers, and is leading to even more amazing creations coming out of the edutainment app world.

What an education app solution have that other forms of edutainment don’t is the current and cutting edge nature of both the device and the app itself. New apps are coming out all the time, and the devices that play them improve and innovate every six months or so. This pairing of technology and innovation offers the most cutting edge type of edutainment possible.

Edutainment apps, by nature of their freshness, have the power to really grab and hold the attention of students at this time. Students benefit from both the innovation and the motivation these apps provide, and app developers stand to gain more and more customers. The result is definitely a win-win for all involved.