10 Useful iPad Apps For Future Scientists and Nurses

You know how useful it is in the classroom. You know how fun it can be at home. But what about in a life and death situation? The iPad shines even there, thanks to some fabulous apps that current and future nurses as well as doctors can start using now.

Apps For All Students

Pages is a word processing app with templates, layout tools and touch commands. It can be used to create, edit and view documents at any time or place. The app uses iCloud and AirPrint for easy processing of school work.

Numbers is like Pages only with numbers. Create spreadsheets with tables, graphics, photos, and charts. There are 16 templates and over 250 functions. Spreadsheets can be printed with a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint.

GoodReader is a must-have app for any college student. It can handle huge PDF and TXT files, manuals, large books, and magazines with great speed. GoodReader users can also now use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file. There is more viewing area with full-screen reading, a zoom feature, text search and hundreds of other features.

Apps For Science Students

The Elements is a living periodic table with rotating elements that are animated and actually quite fun to navigate. Tap the element and you learn a whole lot more than you might have expected. Quite fun. Looking to purchase some gold or another element? This app will even give you up to date prices on precious metals.

National Geographic World Atlas has maps and facts about the world. The ‘Flags and Facts’ database contains concise geographic and socio-economic data. Bookmark your favorite places with push pins and notes for quick reference.

The Science Glossary lets students look up just about any relevant term and also find biographies of famous scientists.

App For Nurses

One of the largest groups of aspiring professionals that the iPad caters to is nursing students. Millions of people who are studying to become nurses find additional help and information using the iPad and its endless number of nursing applications. Some of the applications are  free while others come with a small fee. However, many nurses and nursing students find that for the small fee they get information of high quality and reliability. The rule of thumb is usually ‘you get what you pay for.’

Nursing Central is a must-have for nurses and nursing students, helps nurses and students find detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. Nursing Central combines five great apps that make up this wonder program: Davis’ Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders as well as Medline Journals.

Monster Anatomy HD and Skeletal HD help visualize and identify structures of the body. The Visual DX Mobile iPad application is dedicated to providing information about diseases. It gives overviews of just about every known disease based on age, sex, health background, and disease stage. Nurses love referring to this application during their clinicals when they encounter real life situations with patients from a large variety of backgrounds.

Finally, the Davis’s Guide for Nurses is one of the most robust nursing iPad applications on the market. It helps nurses understand medicine from many different angles and perspectives. It allows nurses to double check themselves and make proper corrections in their practice as well as to properly analyze medical decisions.

The Big Benefit

One of the biggest benefits of using the iPad in the classroom is the ability to instantly test, use, and master the apps being used in the hospital today. Want to become a nurse but nervous about learning all the new technology? You can start right now and know that it will be easier than ever before to keep up with the ever-changing technology used in medicine.

Amanda Davis is a medical writer earning her masters in nursing online degree in her spare time.