Best Buy Offers Rare 15% Off Apple iTunes Gift Cards (Holiday Shopping Time!)

I was at Macy’s yesterday and they’ve already set up Christmas decorations. I mean, c’mon. It’s not even Halloween. Anyway, if you’re looking to do some early holiday shopping, what better gift than an iTunes gift card to go along with all the new iPhones and iPads being given out this season?

Lucky for you, Best Buy is actually discounting iTunes gift cards by 15% AND offering free shipping. This is only the second time in recorded history that a discount has happened on iTunes gift cards. The first time was back in June 2011 when Target took 20% off in-store gift card purchases. So if you’re looking for a way to save a little coin, on top of the Best Buy coupons and discounts offered by MyPoints, and still get a gift for a teacher, parent, friend or colleague, check out these deals:

$25 gift card costs $21.25

$50 gift card costs $42.50

$100 gift card costs $85, among others (3 pack of $10 for $25).

They’re good for music, videos, iBooks and iOS/Mac app purchases.