Anonymous Teacher Details Shocking Experiences In Manhattan Schools

It’s no secret that teaching is hard. But most of the time you just hear about the broader problems like test scores and education reform. Often times, you don’t get an intimate look from teachers and education administrators online where there is a digital ‘paper trail’ and jobs are on the line.

About an hour ago, BuzzFeed posted this anonymous article from an elementary school teacher in Manhattan. The teacher details shocking and eye-opening things that should give everyone (teachers and non-teachers alike) a newfound respect for the work teachers are doing. Below are snippets of the article so be sure to read the entire ‘Career Confidential‘ here.

Most of the day is spent doing paperwork to prove the school is being operated properly. Not spent actually, you know, teaching and helping students:

Out of grad school, I thought I was going to change the world. One of the big struggles is that you’re constantly filling out paperwork to appease the administrators, who have to appease the superintendents. We had to write out day-by-day lesson plans to show that we were doing our jobs. We had to prove the school was being well-run. But by the time you finish writing up all these reports, there isn’t much time left to help the kids who really need help.

Teachers are educators, therapists, and heroes… but they’re people. I feel terrible for this teacher after one of their students stole from them. Truly saddening:

This one girl stole money from me. I left money for a field trip on my desk, and she stole it. She’d been a kleptomaniac since she was in Pre-K. You need help for that kind of problem. And her parents weren’t going to help, because her mother stole too, from the PTA.

The fact that this is happening in schools is actually quite sad. I wish I was actually surprised:

Elementary school is tough, but middle school is the worst to deal with. The middle schoolers have sex in the basement. I’d find condoms around the school, because the elementary and middle schools are connected. That was pretty gross. The elementary school kids just talk about sex. They don’t actually have it.

If you see a teacher or talk to one, thank them. Here’s why:

One thing I’ll say is that the other teachers are actually really great. Sometimes administrators pit teachers against each other to try to get them to one-up each other. And teachers get a bad rap — people think they’re lazy and just want to run out the door at the end of the day. But I never met a teacher like that.

Want the full story? Check it out over at BuzzFeed here.

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  1. Katie Jones

    August 16, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Wow. This is sad. Both teachers and students suffer.