Are You Better At Angry Birds Than College Students? Find Out This Weekend

If you’re wondering what students will be doing this weekend, the short answer: playing Angry Birds. How is this different from every other weekend though? It’s the second anniversary of Angry Birds this Sunday (12/11/11) and Google+ is hosting an intercollegiate Angry Birds challenge for students to compete for the title of 2011 Angry Birds College Champion. Add +Angry Birds College Challenge to your circles on G+ to take part and learn more.

I’m an Angry Birds fan and thought it was interesting that Google+ and Rovio are specifically targeting college students. At this point, it’s almost surprising if a student is NOT playing the game. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to see how your score stacks up against college students. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a teacher won this contest? Good luck!

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    December 15, 2011 at 8:22 am

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