Adobe’s Incredible New Cloud Photo Storage System Now Online [VIDEO]

Screenshot from Adobe Carousel

The cloud storage services that were announced at Adobe MAX this year are now being released for all to use. Adobe has just launched an incredible new app, Adobe Carousel, that lets you store, share, and show off your entire photo collection on the go. It’s for iOS, Mac, and Android coming soon. Carousel got some tremendous applause for it’s syncing ability and gorgeous UI during the Adobe MAX conference in LA this year. I too was excited to get my hands on this app. Now I can.

The subscription lets you upload any of your photos to a library in the cloud, where it can be instantly viewed on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Apps for Windows and Android are forthcoming from Adobe as well, although no date has been set for their release. Once you’ve created your library, you can crop, rotate, adjust exposure, and make corrections to the photos from any of your devices. There are also “Looks” or themes that may be applied to your photos to create a certain mood.

In fact, you can change your images as many times as you like without worry, as the original photo is maintained without changes in perpetuity. Once you’ve made your changes, you can share the photos by inviting friends and family to look them via the app, and others can even add photos to your library. Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler can also be done with a tap or click.

It does not appear that Adobe Carousel supports RAW format — at this time, a release note says that you can “import, edit, and share all your JPEGs, the most common file format for photos.” Your photos don’t have to stay in the cloud; at any time you can download them for use in other apps or services.
So you may be wondering how it’s different from the new iCloud and other cloud services? The biggest feature is that it allows you to do some pretty heavy-duty photo editing not found on any other cloud service like this.

The service is a paid subscription that starts at a discounted $59.99 per year or $5.99 per month. Normal pricing will be $99 per year or $9.99 per month. There is a free 30-day trial offered at launch.

  • Simply add photos to your Adobe Carousel photo library on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac, and you’ll instantly have access to them in Adobe Carousel on your other iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.
  • Easily crop, rotate, adjust exposure, and make other corrections, or lend your photos serious style with unique looks.
  • Create a family photo library without the hassle of sending emails, handing off drives, and trying to figure out which photos to touch up or use in special projects. Simply invite family members to add photos to your library via their own Adobe Carousel apps, and let them flag their favorites so everyone can quickly find the best-loved shots.
  • Share those moments that matter by sending your photos straight from Adobe Carousel to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Snap new photos right from Adobe Carousel on your iPhone or iPad, and they’ll instantly appear in your photo library on all your devices.

Both the iOS and Mac apps are free downloads in their respective App Stores (iOS, Mac)

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