20 Education Administrator Blogs

It’s not easy being a school administrator. As leader of your school or department, it may be difficult to find peers you can confide in, discuss challenges or get insights.

That’s why it’s great to tap into the opinions, knowledge and research of education administrator blogs. Most of these blogs are written for and by administrators, and can open up a conversation and help you connect with others who, like you, work to provide the best educational opportunities for your students. Others blogs are written from people who aren’t in the trenches, and can provide a different, but necessary perspective.

Image via Flickr by Christian Schnettelker

Image via Flickr by Christian Schnettelker

Here’s our list of the 20 great blogs to check out, and what makes them intriguing:

  1. Connected Principals –this collection of contributions from school administrators who want to share knowledge, learn together and lead effectively. Topics range from tactical ideas on preparing students for graduation to conceptual, such has how to best motivate students.
  2. This and That – written by Jon Castelhano, director of technology for an Arizona school district, primarily explores universal issues of change, leadership, vision, technology and innovation.
  3. Dr. Cook’s Blog –penned by Dr. Spike Cook, a New Jersey elementary school principal, includes a mixture of posts on learning, innovation, leadership, and technology.
  4. A Principal’s Reflections –as a K-12 director of technology and innovation in New Jersey, Eric Sheninger helps schools embrace the digital age.
  5. The Principal of Change –with both a personal and professional view, Canadian division principal George Couros delivers his thoughts on how to promote successful school leadership.
  6. Education Week Blogs –a rich collection of educational topics are discussed in this blog. From a roundtable opinion blog, policy issues affecting K-12 schools, technology, law, research and global learning, this site has something for everyone. Not every blog is written by an administrator, but all of the posts have information administrators need to know.
  7. EmergingEdTech –a resource for the latest in education technology, including flipped classrooms and effective use of technology in the classroom.
  8. Edutopia – the organization behind Edutopia was founded by film maker George Lucas, who wanted to helps schools use their untapped potential to engage students in innovative learning methods. Contributors include principals, tutors, reporters, university professors and parents.
  9. The Innovative Educator –the author of this blog, Lisa Nielsen, found school boring as a student, so she wanted to change it for younger generations. As a librarian, ed tech professional and now director of digital engagement and professional learning, she writes about the future of education with a down-to-earth perspective.
  10. Doc H’s Blog –Dr. Terry Holliday details days in his life as Kentucky’s commissioner of education.
  11. The Principal Difference—this blog, by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, doesn’t shy away from raising important issues such as uncovering myths of student engagement or if elementary teacher bias discourages girls from math and science.
  12. PrincipalJ—Jessica Johnson, 2014 Wisconsin Elementary School Principal of the Year, provides advice from the trenches for fellow principals.
  13. Views of a Life Long Learner—educational consultant Avery Greenblatt draws upon his experience as a teacher and principal to deliver ideas on leadership and life.
  14. The 21st Century Principal—John Robinson has a solid background as North Carolina teacher, and school administrator. He asks tough questions about school choice, testing and educational policies.
  15. Homeroom –the official blog of the Department of Education, provides video and written blogs on topics concerning education, from early learning to college completion. With blog posts like Why I’m a Principal, Not a Statistic by Sharif El-Mekki of Mastery Charter School-Shoemaker Campus in Philadelphia, PA, the blog presents a variety of perspectives from educators across the country.
  16. Teach Thought—the blog directed by former English teacher Terry Heick, looks at how both teachers and students can learn better.
  17. Eduwonk –the blog, which is primarily written by Andrew Rotherham, cofounder of Bellwether Education Partners, contains education news, analysis and commentary.
  18. Brilliant or Insane: Education on the Edge—this blog, published by education coach Mark Barnes and a team of writers, takes on education technology, leadership, social media and innovative practices
  19. MindShift –launched as a joint venture between a California public television station and NPR, the posts explore the future of learning and how technology affects the process.
  20. The Hechinger Report –this nonprofit newsroom takes on issues of education and inequality in classrooms and on campuses.

Still looking for more resources?

Edublog lists its top education websites and blogs in its Edublog awards. EdTech provides its selection of must read K-12 edtech blogs, and Teach 100 maintains a list of its daily power ranking of 100 education blogs.

This variety of blogs from experts representing all aspects of education gives school administrators a wealth of information to build upon.

Editor’s note: This piece was originally written by Jeff Dunn and ran on December 9, 2011. A lot has changed since then, so we’ve had author Pamela DeLoatch update this piece with the latest techniques and innovations.


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