19 Things To Know About St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is about more than wearing green and drinking beer! Take a gander at the handy infographic below to learn a bit more about St. Patrick (yes – he was real!), St. Patrick’s day traditions, and of course, some statistics about the infamous parade! While they say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, the graphic also details how many folks in the US are actually of Irish descent (and not just claiming to be for the kisses ;))

St. Patrick’s Day By The Numbers

About St. Patrick:

  1. Patrick was born in Britian in about 387
  2. At age 16, he was kidnapped and sent to Ireland as a slave
  3. He escaped about 5 years later
  4. About 25 years later, he returned to Ireland because he believed he was called to spread the word of God
  5. He experienced much success converting folks to Christianity
  6. He died in the late 400’sChicago dyes their river green every St. Patrick’s day (it takes about 40 lbs of dye to turn it green for the day)
  7. Over 100,000 people hang out to watch the river change color
  8. About 650,000 babies are named Patrick every year in the US
  9. The NYC St. Patrick’s day parade is viewed by about 2 million spectators, has a 2.1 mile route, and between 150,000 and 250,000 marchers
  10. It takes about 5-6 hours to complete
  11. 34.7 million residents of the US claim Irish heritage
  12. Massachusetts and New Hampshire have the highest concentration of residents with Irish heritage
  13. St. Patrick’s day spending is estimated to be over $4 million
  14. About 8 million cards are exchanged annually
  15. 39% of US residents claim to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Some celebrations include:
  16. Wearing green
  17. Making a special dinner
  18. Attending a party
  19. Decorating their office or home


st patricks day infographic 1