A Visual Guide To Twitter For Beginners

You may have a Twitter account that you don’t use very often. You may tweet once in blue moon. You may just use it to ‘lurk’ during hashtag chats you enjoy. (Check out our list of Twitter hashtags for to get started with that!) But you may not be a full-fledged Twitter user … yet.

This dense and highly visual approach to understanding Twitter is just great. From the fine folks at Twiends, it lays out all the vocabulary you need, actions you can perform, and even gives a rough idea of what you should expect from Twitter. It’s a great visual introduction to Twitter or refresher for any active Twitter user.

The below infographic is basically a beginner’s guide to Twitter except it’s one easy-to-read format: infographics! The only problem I have with this visual is that it’s simply too much information crammed into the relatively small space of an infographic. That being said, that’s probably a good thing.

Click the image below to enlarge it a bit – that’ll help view some of the smaller text.

how to twitter