A Visual Guide For Teachers New To Apple iPads

Bringing technology into the classroom almost always comes with a learning curve. Some teachers joke that their students picked up tech skills more easily than they did, and others still just don’t get the training they need to effectively use the technology tools that they are given for their classrooms. So when you get an iPad (or iPads) for your classroom, what do you do now? This handy infographic below shows a great Orientation to iPads For Teachers. Keep reading to learn more.

A Teacher’s Orientation To The iPad

  • Consider an initial orientation for teachers that is similar to a student orientation.
  • Give each attendee a task to complete using their device prior to each session.
  • Download and set up all apps and accounts before each session.
  • Certain tasks are easier to complete on certain devices – be efficient and use the correct device!
  • Make sure the tasks that attendees are completing are relevant to the work they’ll be doing in the classroom – use the same apps and devices they’ll use in class!
  • Take a look at the infographic for some ideas on tasks for attendees to complete using their devices.

Note: We’ve embedded the first (main) image as well as the second image. The third one seems to be a bit tough to find!

ipad orientation

ipad orientation tips