A New Way To Find Free Versions of Premium Apps

There are a pantsload of wonderful educational apps in the App Store right now. However, many of them cost money and might not be worth the cost. What’s a cash-strapped teacher, school, student, or anyone else to do?

Apple hears your concerns, dear reader. They are now rolling out a new category in the App Store where you can try apps before you buy them. Dubbed ‘Try Before You Buy,’ the category highlights all the current apps that are ‘lite’ versions or trial versions with limited functionality. For example, Free App A Day does this very same thing but Apple obviously wanted a piece of the action. The new ‘Try Before You Buy’ section is being rolled out today so be sure to look for it.

This concept is nothing new to marketing. Dubbed Freemium by Fred Wilson in 2006, the concept essentially states that you can earn more revenue by giving your product away for free if it’s ad-supported or able to churn out a revenue stream because it’s being used by so many more people.

That’s not the only new feature being rolled out by Apple in its App Store. Earlier today, Apple’s product page for the iPad was updated to reflect that it now gets Genius recommendations for apps within the tablet. Previously, users were only able to access Genius recommendations via the desktop iTunes program.

What is your favorite educational app? If it costs money, would you be more likely to buy it if you could get your hands on a ‘lite’ version?