30 Reasons Tablets Help You Be More Informed

This seems like a perfect story to run on the morning of the big iPad Mini announcement.

From BYOD to the smartphone you’re probably about to take out of your pocket, devices are everywhere. So, therefore, is the news. We’re faced with an onslaught of never-ending coverage about just about everything. But how do you, students, teachers, admins, and everyone else actually consume the news?

According to a new study from the Pew Research Project for Excellence in Journalism, “The Future Of Mobile News,” we now have more than 30 enlightening statistics that uncover the real ways we’re all learning about the day’s events and becoming better learners. Spoiler alert: it’s with modern devices.

Key Findings of the Study

  • 43% of respondents who own a tablet say they see more news due to their device.
  • News is nearly the most popular act done on devices. That’s behind using email.
  • 37% of tablet owners read the news on a daily basis. 64% on a weekly basis.
  • 31% say they’ve started to spend more time reading news after buying a tablet.
  • People who have both a smartphone and a tablet consume the most news.
  • Tablet users seem to get their news from trusted brands. (Perhaps due to the number of high-quality apps available from these brands?)

What It Means For Teachers & Students

The staggering stats above make it clear that we should be getting tablets of any kind into the hands of the youth of today. They’d be a more engaged, aware, and informed population and would apparently help out some of the flagging newspaper companies in need of some more eyeballs on their digital work.

What do you think? Is news consumption a good reason to buy a tablet? Should it be a big reason to push for more tablets in classrooms? Weigh in down in the comments after you check out this infographic of the research report:



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