MRUniversity Launches Alternative To edX And Other MOOCs

First, University of Phoenix and its peers.

Now, MOOCs. Coursera. edX. Udacity.

The newest face in online learning? MRUniversity.

Brought to life by two George Mason University professors, MRUniversity (short for Marginal Revolution University) is a new online learning platform that focuses on Economics courses, and offers them to everyone so that ability to pay for schooling is not an issue to quality economics teaching.

Additionally, the courses are broken down into five minute video segments, so that learners can set their own pace and learn without the restrictions of setting aside large chunks of time to watch the lectures. If you’re skeptical that the material can be taught in such a short time, fear not: additional videos are devoted to subjects that need elaboration.

More interestingly, users are invited to submit their own content so that all participants can add to the pool of knowledge. Tests and quizzes are offered, and they’re planning on using subtitles in several languages to promote global usage of the platform and more widespread learning. It seems to be a learning model designed to grow more organically, based on the students drive and needs, rather than strictly adhering to a specifically detailed curriculum.

The first class (Development Economics) started on October 1st – Development Economics. We’d love to hear from anyone who is taking the class and hear your feedback down in the comments!