A Handy Visual Guide To Google+

I’m a big fan of Google+. It may not be as thoroughly entrenched as Facebook and may not be as popular in the education world as Twitter … but it’s just a great design with, in my opinion, some of the best quality content available. I’ve found a boatload of interesting posts, people, and topics on Google+ over the past year or so.

While Google+ may simply be just the social side of search for Google, it’s something that is not going away anytime soon (I think … unless it gets shuttered like Google Wave.) So it’s worth getting to know Google+because, well, you probably already have an account. If you use Gmail or have a Google account in any way, you’re on Google+ and it’s worth knowing how to use the social site, what it does, why it’s different, and basically why you should care. The following cheat sheet is from Techno Streak and it touches on keyboard shortcuts, how to do the critical things you should know about, and more. It’s worth knowing about and skimming in case you’ve been curious about diving into that ‘other’ social network known as Google+. If so, feel free to circle Edudemic here! (Circling is assigning someone to a particular group so you can better organize your social contacts.)

Other Useful Google+ Resources

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