7 Signs Your School Needs A Technology Makeover

Every teacher has a technology wishlist. Whether you have one computer in your classroom or thirty iPads, there’s always a little something that we wish we had to make something a little more fun or a little easier. Sometimes, our really slow computers or lack of resources really make us wish for a technology makeover.

This fun infographic from We Are Teachers showcases seven tongue-in-cheek signs that your school might need a technology makeover. They created this awhile back when they were running a contest for a technology makeover, but the humor in them still rings true today. For those of you dealing with eight year old computers and chalk boards that use real chalk in your classrooms, you’ll surely get a laugh.

Does Your Technology Need A Makeover?

It might, if….

  • Your students recognize the sound of a dial-up modem
  • The photocopier in the teachers’ lounge is so loud you can hear it down the hallway
  • The most recent addition to your computer game collection is “Oregon Trail”
  • The television comes on a cart that requires at least two students to push
  • You realize that you ran out of overhead transparencies and need to order more
  • At your school, a whiteboard is something you draw on with dry erase markers
  • Your students’ calculators are from the year you were born