6 Places To Get Support After You Graduate

Getting a degree or certification gives anyone a leg up in the competitive job market. The internet has made getting those credentials easier. There are many universities and institutions offering online courses. However, after you have finished schooling and you start looking for a job, you may still find it rough to find a job on your own.

Fortunately, some schools help you with this process, rather than pushing you out the door and wishing you luck. Here are a few of those that offer post-degree or post-certification aid in finding employment.

US Career Institute

US Career Institute offers certificates in business, legal and health-related careers. Certificates include bookkeeping, office management, dental technician, pharmacy technician, medical billing and patient care technician. This accredited school also offers associates degrees.

To help you find a job, they offer a career starter kit, which guides you through the job-seeking process. They also offer career counselors to help you, and a program called Success promise. If you do not get a job within 6 months after course completion, this institution promises to refund your money.


DeVry University offers both traditional in-person courses as well as online courses. At this university, you may go for an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, media, liberal arts, health sciences or engineering. DeVry provides assistance with career planning. This university also has a job database, which connects graduates with potential employers.

Westwood College

Westwood College provides in-person courses as well as online courses to suit the student’s needs. The college has many associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in technology, business, design, healthcare, justice, and industrial services. This school provides career assistance from the moment you begin. They assist with the creation of cover letters and resumes, as well as providing students with job lists of businesses seeking Westwood students or graduates.

Ashford University

Ashford University offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in liberal arts, health, human services, science, and education. This university has career counselors on hand to review resumes and offer tips on improving them. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a mock interview if you wish to hone your skills. Students have access to a job database, which connects students and graduates with employers seeking Ashford students.

Walden University

Walden University offers undergraduate and graduate level coursework leading to degrees in education, health, management, psychology, public policy and administration, counseling and social services, and nursing. Career assistance includes career counseling, informative webinars, and access to job listings.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers online associate and bachelor’s degrees in art and sciences, business, criminal justice and security, education, human services, nursing and health care, psychology, and technology. The school offers master’s degrees in business, administration of justice, education, nursing, psychology, and information systems. It also offers doctoral degrees in education, nursing, and psychology. Phoenix career assistance includes career-planning workshops. These are in-person workshops where students can connect with employers on some campuses. Phoenix also provides resume building tools, job listing access and networking.

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  1. Miranda Johnson

    October 10, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    This is a great list. I would also encourage you to add Capella University because we’ve got an excellent Career Center that supports our students and graduates.

    I’m a Career Counselor at Capella. Our students and graduates enjoy free, lifetime access to the Capella University Career Center for advice, information, and support. The Career Center’s counselors, resources, tools, and webinars help them manage their careers at every stage—helping them move toward the careers they want. We offer personalized career counseling, job search tools and strategies, custom job search document samples, and access to job postings.

    If you’re interested, you can find more details here: capella.edu/online_learning/career_center.aspx