6 Math Apps That Support Common Core State Standards

math1Regardless of your opinion on Common Core State Standards, states that have adopted the new curriculum will be rolling out common assessments in 2014 – teachers nationwide are now scrambling to find up to date resources, lesson plans and apps for teaching the new curriculum to make sure they’re CCSS ready in the new year.

It’s essential that both teachers and administrators plan for success by being fully prepared with knowledge of the new curriculum – both professionally and logistically. For instance there are number of great new apps available that support Common Core State Standards which make teaching a the new curriculum a breeze (that is, if you’re lucky enough to have iPads in your classroom!).

MyScript Calculator

An immensely useful tool for both teachers and students is MyScript Calculator. This app enables users to write math problems in one’s own handwriting. The incredible result is that the app will give the answer in real-time as part of the written equation. Having students write out and check their own work is essential practice that just isn’t the same as multiple choice. When making a mistake in long calculations, students can just scratch out the mistake without having to completely start over. The app supports Basic Operations (+, -, x, ÷, +/‒, 1/x), Misc. Operations (%, √, x!, |x|), Powers/Exponentials (ℯx, xy , x2), Trigonometry (cos, sin, tan), Inverse Trigonometry (acos, asin, atan), Logarithms (ln , log), and Constants (π, ℯ, phi).

Sushi Monster

Development of foundational skills in numeracy requires a great deal of drill and practice. For students to become fluent in number signs and operational symbols, there are so many apps that make use of game based play to engage students while giving them opportunity to practice attaining skills. Sushi Monster by Scholastic is a great app for the building of reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication. By using the sushi train concept popular at restaurants throughout Japan, students have to form number sentences. Its an ingenious way for younger grade levels to gain a firm foundation in addition and multiplication.

Fractions Basics

Another fantastic application that targets a specific area in skill development – this app focuses exclusively on Fractions Basics. By maintaining focus on a specific topic area this application doesn’t offer distractions and can help to reinforce classroom instruction at home to help students make sense of fraction based problems and solve them. An app like this can easily be used in conjunction with BuzzMath where students are given ample opportunity to put their skills to test.


With over 2,800 problems aligned to Common Core Standards it is an invaluable resource in not just practicing of fractions. BuzzMath is one of those apps that is a must have for all schools because of the sheer breadth of its aligned content.

Math Champ Challenge

Another such app that gives considerable practice of the gamut of standards and clusters in Math for students in grades 4 to 7 is Math Champ Challenge School Edition. Using a competitive timed quiz the app aims to get students excited about performance in Math. Adaptive Engine Technology targets level appropriate questions to each student and valuable feedback after completion of the quiz helps to identify problem areas students are encountering. Math Champ Challenge is a great resource for students’ learning by providing automatic assessments, Personal Learning Environments and rewards for achievements in gameplay in the Game Center. With 2,500 questions mapped to Common Core Standards, the app delivers a learning process which is about mastering the topic as opposed to racing through it.


Demonstrating understand of concepts or critiquing the reasoning of others is an essential part of mastery in math. Doceri is a great app for this because students can create their own tutorials as a way to use mathematical definitions. The app allows students to draw, annotate, save and mail creations to their teacher. Its a great way to screencast in the classroom and helps teachers to be mobile when giving individualized instruction.

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    September 22, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I agree, but in my opinion Math 42 is the top app for students.