6 Blogs Math And Accounting Students Should Follow

accountingAs if studying for ACCA and CIMA isn’t hard enough, math and accounting students aiming to become an accountant must also keep updated on trends and news.

Although the majority of students already follow the main accountancy publications such as Accountancy Age and PQ Magazine, we can’t forget a very useful source of information: blogs. Regularly updated with the latest news, graphs and commentaries on key topics, blogs are an excellent resource of information for accountancy students.

With the help of the LSBF and FBT accounting faculties, we made a selection of six reliable and engaging accounting blogs for you to read and learn while you prepare for your exams.

1 – The ACCA Blog

What better source of information can ACCA students have if not the ACCA itself? The ACCA Blog brings insightful discussions on topics that really matter not only for students, but also for fully qualified accountants and professors. It covers topics including environmental issues, finance effectiveness, the role of the CFO, and the finance learning agenda.

2 – A Taxing Metter

Law professor Linda Beale enlightens students and professionals by demystifying tax topics ranging from A to Z. The blog is not only targeted at students or insiders, but also to help the general public to understand the tax system.

3 – re: The Auditors

Here’s a blog with lots to talk about. Although audit is the main topic in this blog, very often the discussion goes far beyond it. The blog is written by Francine McKenna, who, with 25 years of expertise, discusses news and topics with a degree of sarcasm and irony. All things accounting can be found there, especially comments on firms, changes and shakeups in the accounting world.

4 – Grumpy Old Accountants

In April 2011, Professors Edward Ketz and Anthony Catanach created the “Grumpy Old Accountants” to promote ethical and transparent financial reporting, common sense standard-setting and effective auditing. Despite the blog’s success, Prof Ketz (AKA Grumpy Old Ed) retired from blogging, leaving the blog under the responsibility of Prof Catanach. The blog covers the main headlines and offers great insights to anyone interested in pursuing a career in accountancy.

5- Golden Practices Blog

Consultant and strategist Michelle Golden only writes monthly articles on her blog. However, the wait is always worth it as the posts are always very insightful, with a progressive edge. She reflects on several topics faced by professionals everyday such as “learning to say no” and defining effective roles for partners and apprentices.

6 – The Summa

Professor David Albrecht teaches accounting at the University of South Carolina (USA) and writes an opinionated, eye-opening blog commenting on accounting & auditing “like a double espresso”. His articles bring inspiring discussions on the hottest accountancy topics.



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    Great.I hope to fulfil my dreams of becoming an accountant with LSBF.

  2. Barbara Luke

    January 30, 2013 at 8:24 am

    I strongly agree on your point that students aiming to become an accountant must also be updated on trends and news. It is important not only for accountants but also for most of us to be aware of the latest. This would make us more knowledgeable on lots of things. There are a lot of tools now and books to make and help our accounting concerns more easier to handle.