5 Ways To Use StumbleUpon In Education

StumbleUpon EducationDo you need another time-sucking website that will entertain, educate, and enhance your day-to-day life? Of course you do! Lucky for you, there’s StumbleUpon and it’s more than just another LOLCat-powered site. It’s actually useful for education!

We’ve come up with a few handy ways to use the content discovery site to actually benefit teachers, students, and education administrators. After all, that’s what Edudemic is all about!

1) Stumble Your Way to a Lesson Plan: Using StumbleUpon is a great way to find new material to keep your curriculum fresh and interesting. Giving a lecture on the solar system  tomorrow morning? Spend a few minutes ‘stumbling’ through the Astronomy category to discover recent news, amazing photos, helpful studies and up-to-the-minute topics for class discussion.

2) Follow Channels: Whatever your area of expertise, StumbleUpon has a channel for you. One of their newest features allows members to follow Channels with unique content from well-known sites, brands or people. Check popular Channels from Psychology Today, The History Channel, TED, Scientific American and many more.

3) Stumble for Show-and-Tell: With StumbleUpon, homework doesn’t have to be boring. Have your students use StumbleUpon to find a cool website, photo or article to bring to class the next day. Younger students can look for photos to bring to show-and-tell, while older students can look for enlightening articles to spark a hearty debate.

4) Connect With Your University: Everyone’s got a soft spot for their alma mater, and using StumbleUpon is a great way to keep in touch. Follow Channels from universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford for updates on seminars and conferences, faculty research and publications, top stories from the college paper and more.

5) Use StumbleUpon for On-the-Go Inspiration: StumbleUpon has great apps for both iOS and Android, so take advantage of them! Particularly if you’re teaching an art class or a writing seminar, encourage your students to use the StumbleUpon app to get creative ideas for their next project. Chances are good that the majority of your students are carrying around smartphones of their own, and you could also consider loaning out a tablet in the classroom.

Do you use StumbleUpon? Share some other ways teachers, students, and admins can use the site to enhance education! Leave a comment on this article and we’ll update the list accordingly. Thanks!


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  2. RobinHaislett

    April 18, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    I teach PR Graphics (design principles and Adobe software) and I have used StumbleUpon and Pearltrees to create a great supplement to class. I found Pearltrees from StumbleUpon and when I find something relevant to class, I’ll “like” it and then save it to my Pearltree for class that the other students are able to see and add to. StumbleUpon has been a huge help in finding examples and concrete resources for me to share with my class.