5 New Social Networks You Should Know About

It’s a verdant time for social media. Sites are popping up all over the place with innovative alternatives to Internet networking. Whether you’re looking to build and protect your reputation, or just get recommendations on new movies and restaurants, here’s a quick rundown of the latest social networks making headlines.


The newest social networking site combines Twitter, blogging and Reddit and allows you to control the advertising on your page. More importantly, the site allows users to earn 50 percent of the advertising income earned from his/her posts.

While this revenue sharing tactic may seem like a crass, one-dimensional way to compete with the features of other more popular social networks, Chime.in hopes to use its pay-to-post model in order to generate competitively informative profiles.


This one is probably over-hyped at this point but it’s based on the very hip idea of an open source, distributed social network in which the user controls the nodes and protocols by which they interact. What’s truly cool about Diaspora, besides the idea of getting to control your own social network, is that it isn’t owned by any one person.

Since it’s managed by a decentralized group of developers, there’s little threat that it will be bought out by a corporation or flooded with advertising. It may be a little ahead of it’s time, but keep an eye on Diaspora. Check out the Edudemic review of Diaspora here.


Another network that is probably over-hyped and doomed to fail, this beta upstart has hit the scene with one consistent message—’we are the opposite of Facebook’, meaning that they wanted to create a social network in which the user had full control over privacy settings.

Unthink also wants to bestow the power to control the advertising that appears. Looking further into this, it appears Unthink expects users to allow their profile to be sponsored by a company of their choosing. Interesting idea, but one look at the promo video on their site and you’ll be wondering who exactly they’re marketing the service to.


A relatively new social network based on questions and answers. Amazing—an Internet destination that seems to prize the act of research and the value of information. Getting a lot of attention, but won’t people just end up using Google?

[Editor's Note: It seems that most answers on Quora that are given by celebrities are instantly turned into the 'most correct' answer. Since when do celebrities know the most about almost every subject matter? Until this is sorted out, it'll be hard to see a long-term future for Quora.]


Hunch is a decision-making site based on taste and affinities to taste. What does that mean? That’s a good question, one which may require a visit to Quora. Hunch is basically a ‘recommendation graph’ wrapped up in a social network. It allows users to make recommendations and echo recommendations the same way a Twitter user might retweet posts.

The difference is that Hunch is actually based on the ambiguous idea of graphing ‘taste’, encouraging users to tag and comment on crowd sourced recommendations. In that sense, it feels like a stationary Web 3.0 application—perhaps also ahead of it’s time.

These are just a few of the latest social networks hitting the web. Try them out and let us know which ones you think will survive the test of time.

Written by Edudemic guest author Alex Summers. Be sure to check out Alex’s previous article Top 10 Careers Worth Studying For. Alex is a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas (SOOOIE! Go hogs!) and when he’s not working to pay the bills, he is foraying into the field of freelance writing. Advertising in trade, a poet in heart, and in reality meeting somewhere in the middle, Alex feels that no matter what you are trying to accomplish, it is certainly worth studying for.

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  2. TenMarks

    November 14, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    It looks like the co-founder of Diaspora has passed a way. Very sad– can’t imagine what this kind of loss would do for the network. http://mashable.com/2011/11/13/ilya-zhitomirskiy-diaspora-dies/

  3. MikePhelps

    November 14, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Some of these features can be mimiced on Facebook itself.

    Study Hall app allows one to have a private overlay on top of facebook.
    http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=34372520392 you can have your
    own private social network for educational applications.

  4. Daniel J. Cohen

    November 18, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I tried out UnThink and I don’t really love the platform. I suppose you’d have to see it in action, but getting action on the site is one of those Catch-22s because social media sites don’t naturally draw people in unless there are already people there to begin with. Also, site usability is going to require people because some of the best features develop as the site realizes what it’s good at (see Twitter). I’m having a hard time seeing the uniqueness here. Good brand idea, confusing implementatin.