5 Simple Ways To Become Management In Your Company

This is part of a series of Edudemic articles discussing real-world ways to help professionals in reaching their goals. We’ll be sharing a steady stream of useful tips, tricks, and career assistance for anyone from students to teachers to administrators.

If you’re an education administrator, student, or someone just looking for a way to improve your chances at a better job, Alex Summers has a few tips for you. This advice is as useful for younger employees as it is for more established veterans. Regardless, it’s a useful refresher for anyone looking to excel.

We all wish we could be a little higher up the corporate ladder. But getting as far as management can be difficult to say the least. Thankfully there are lots of ways to increase your chances, so let’s examine the top five ways to become management.

5. Work Hard  This is a no brainer, but it deserves to be said. If you are not good at your job, and have a proven track record of not being so, you will rarely if ever be promoted. It is possible to turn a bad reputation around, but for the most part it’s best to start off on the right foot.

4. Be Noticed  Pretty much everyone in the company wants to become management, and the higher ups have to sift through all of them when looking for someone to be promoted. As such, if they know who you are, then that’s a big step to being promoted. Talk to your supervisors regularly, and volunteer for any available out of the way tasks.

3. Be A People Person  At the end of the day, a manager’s job is to deal with people, whether it be employees, customers, or the higher ups. If you can prove that you are good with dealing with people in general, you have proven you have the primary skill necessary for management. What’s more, try to be nice. It’s not uncommon for the higher ups to get a second opinion from the rank and file, so to speak.

2. Broaden Your Training  An employee who has more experience or certificates to his name has a much better chance of being promoted than one with less experience and training. Management training by a third party can be a great head start. Also try asking to be transferred between departments on occasion, as the more experience you have in every area the better.

1. Talk To And Help The Higher Ups  If you are helpful, they will seek you for help. If you are friendly to them, they will be friendly back. If you do a favor for them, they may well feel the need to return it and help your way up the corporate ladder. Make sure they know your goals and ambitions, as there is nothing more crushing than being passed over because you didn’t speak up.