5 Reasons To Use YouTube In The Classroom

If you like to bring multimedia into your lessons (and who doesn’t?) then you probably use YouTube in the classroom from time to time. But there’s a lot to the mega-video site and it’s getting a bazillion hours of video uploaded every minute nowadays. So there’s no shortage of content and the Google folks have done their best to tame the mountain of videos into an easy-to-use resource.

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But you should know how to do more with YouTube than just watch a video, comment, or search. In fact, there’s a lot of neat things teachers should know in particular! Some of the following are useful videos I made for a Modern Lessons course dubbed ‘The Beginner’s Guide To YouTube.’ There’s also some videos from the official YouTube for Teachers page – another great resource! So make sure you see these and that your colleagues are also aware of these ideas as well!

Who knows, you might just get inspired to use YouTube even more in the classroom! Your students would thank you for it.

Start unique and unusual discussions

Through video you can keep class exciting and new. Students will be eager to talk about chemical reactions after seeing this video.

Download all your YouTube videos

Create playlists to inspire long-term learning

Give students the option to dig deeper into a subject by creating a playlist of videos related to that concept. By creating playlists of relevant videos you allow students to pursue their interests without wasting their time searching for information (or finding potentially objectionable content).

Help struggling students get caught up

Videos (or playlists) can help supplement in class teaching for struggling students. Students can review them at home so you’re not forced to teach exclusively to the middle 50%.

Create custom quizzes for your YouTube videos

Create a Google Form that students complete after watching a video.