5 New Educational iPad Apps That Use Monsters

Monsters University has likely been a popular movie many K-12 students have seen this summer. Never one to miss an opportunity, the folks at Disney and Pixar have come up with a couple clever educational apps that are meant to build up excitement for the movie. That’s great news for teachers, because app developers have followed Pixar’s lead and are making other monster-based educational iPad apps. Great for classrooms who have integrated the iPad, iPhones, or Android devices. Note: most of these apps are available on Android but not all. Subject to change.

educational ipad apps

Let’s take a look at some of the educational apps you see in the screenshot above. I’d recommend you pick up an iPad and click over to the ‘education’ section of the App Store (access that by tapping on ‘Featured’ on the bottom and then click ‘More’ or ‘Education’ at the top of the screen).

1) Monsters University Storybook Deluxe ($4.99)

monsters university ipad

This is a very cute app and it’s $4.99. If you are a fan of Monsters Inc. or Monsters University then it’s probably worth checking out Monsters University Storybook Deluxe. This app lets you fool around with Sully, Mike, and the other cute little monsters but provides an interactive reading experience to boot. There are also a bunch of “scare games” that let you learn while being your own monster. A personal favorite of mine are the real movie clips. I’m a Pixar junkie so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Anyway, the app also has  character voices straight from the film and even a read-along or listen-along at reading option with all of the books.

2) Toca Kitchen Monsters (Free)

toca monsters

Picking up on the heels of Monsters University, there’s Toca Kitchen Monsters. This app lets you learn about food, different ingredients, and really all the hard work that goes into making every meal. Tell your cafeteria cooks about it! The app lets you play the part of a chef but with a twist: you’re actually a monster. They’re quite cute to be honest. If you’re looking to have a messy learning experience in the kitchen you might want to consider this app because it’ll save a lot of time on cleanup. Best of all it’s free and quite cute and easy to use plus there’s no in-app purchases so you don’t’ have to worry students or your children will start spending real money but making a digital mess.

3) EyePaint Monsters (Free)

eyepaint monsters

Another monstrously fun app is called EyePaint Monsters. It’s a great way to express yourself and learn how to draw your surroundings using such popular techniques as shading, gradients, and other sorts of color and animation methods. I was playing around with this app and really enjoyed the ability to save the photos (locally) and share them privately with my friends and family. But in general it’s a great way to explore things that are happening in the real world and to paint by numbers. The app is free and it has no social sharing buttons (which is actually a feature because it keeps children safe and students of all ages while using this app).

4) Monster Coloring Book ($2.99)


The fourth monster related app is Monster Coloring Book. It’s a great way to keep the learning going without all of the paint and anxiety that comes with in-classroom painting time. This app has about 175 different monsters that you can color, stickers you can add on top of your monsters, and a lot of patterns to make your different monsters really stand out. Like most of the other apps, there aren’t social sharing features however you can save your pictures to your camera roll or photo library and then share from there as needed. So if you’ve ever wanted to draw your very own monster or have a little coloring book that has cute little monsters in it than this is your app.

5) Endless Alphabet ($4.99)

endless alphabet ipad app

Our final app is extremely useful and I found it to be quite powerful and well done. That’s probably why it’s close to five dollars. In any case, Endless Alphabet lets you do interactive puzzles and learn dozens of words as well as your ABC’s while looking at cute little monsters and having a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for a lot of the nice little animations that will really keep the students attention.