5 Free Android Apps That Will Help You Study

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Whether you’re in a BYOD classroom or just happen to have an Android device at home, it’s useful to know which apps are being used in classrooms right now. When it comes to free Android apps, the selection may be a bit smaller than Apple’s iOS but the quality is still top notch.

If you’re looking to improve your study habits, take advantage of your smartphone sitting on your desk, or just interested in learning more about the Android operating system, these are few of my favorite apps that I’ve tested out and found to be quite useful.

An important note: every single student / teacher / person learns differently. You may hate all or some of these apps. But they’re all free and at least worth trying out. Enjoy!

Andie Graph: In what may be the silliest but smartest decisions, the Andie Graph app actually looks exactly like your trusty old TI-83 calculator. All the buttons and everything. It’s convenient to have this kind of computing power in your phone and not have to pay for the calculator itself. I remember my time in high school spent playing a version of ‘worms’ on my old TI-83 where you had to punch buttons seemingly nonstop. In any case, Andie Graph has all the functionality you’ve come to expect from a graphing calculator and more. I’d say the only downside is that there’s no landscape mode like you’d find on the built-in calculator on most smartphones.

Study Checker: Do you suffer from Study ADD? If you’re like me, you sit down to figure out a useful bit of information only to be sidetracked by apps and shiny things. Study Checker lets you keep track (mostly automagically) of how much time you spend studying, taking breaks, and whatnot. It’s basically like Big Brother or a helicopter parent watching you learn. Recommended for anyone who might need a little more structure in their studies.

Speed Reading Trainer: While not useful for everyone, speed reading is a fun activity to try out if you’re so inclined. More than a party trick, it can help you quickly skim / read text and digest the important bits. This app helps you by giving you specific text trials and offers analytics on how you’re doing. Fun to try!

School Timetable Deluxe: Like the Study Checker app mentioned a couple apps ago, School Timetable Deluxe helps you add some structure and guidelines to your school day. Great for both teachers AND students, to be honest. It’s a bit rough around the edges (still being updated, not to worry) but has some powerful functionality like managing your curriculum, grades, and schedules. The schedule part is fabulous as it’s got a very Windows 8-y feel too it with all the color blocking.

Studyblue Flashcards: You probably know Studyblue. They are those folks who help you make digital flashcards to improve your learning of just about anything. If you like flashcards, you’ll like this app. It feels like a premium app but, of course, is free!

Thumbnail via Flickr user Saad Irfan