5 Educational Websites To Keep Kids Learning

Not too long ago, we took a look at a few fun websites to keep your kids entertained this summer – but with a twist: they’re all educationally focused, and many of them are game-based. You know, so the kids will actually like them.

So it’s summertime, and when there are entire days to fill, we know you like your options. We do too. Though sometimes its hard to decide between chocolate and moose tracks. Or strawberry and black raspberry. Oh wait, we aren’t talking about ice cream?

ice cream

Ah yes, options for great fun and educational websites that will keep your kids busy and help them learn something during the rest of summer break. Here are five more options for you to choose from – enjoy!


Cookie.com offers free learning games designed by child experts and educators that are free to play. Browsable and searchable by age group or subject matter. They also offer videos to watch and reading practice for early readers.


SwitcherooZoo is an app and web tool that helps students to learn all about animals – and even lets them make their own imaginary animals, too! Great for younger learners or a burgeoning Zoologist.

Story Line Online

Story Line Online is a site developed in collaboration with the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation, and it features many popular childrens’ books being read by famous actors and actresses. Who wouldn’t want Betty White to read them “Harry The Dirty Dog”!? They also offer activities associated with each book.

Knowledge Adventure

Knowledge Adventure offers free online games catalogued by age, grade level, or subject. They also have a section for ‘just for fun’ arcade style games. We give this site the thumbs up for its catalog system – it offers more options (like a section just for kindergarten rather than a k-3 section) so you might have to do less digging to find the most appropriate game for your student.

Highlights For Kids (Online)

From the awesome magazine, Highlights for Kids online offers games, instructions for science experiments and crafts, and reading tasks. All activities online are free!

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  1. shane

    October 24, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Great list, thanks for the compilation!