5 Educational Websites Older Students Should Be Using

We’ve recently taken stock of quite a few fun, student oriented websites that are educational and will keep your kids learning during their summer break. While many of the sites we’ve mentioned address a large variety of learning levels, most are geared towards slightly younger students. So today, we’ve collected a few that would be more interesting for older students – definitely more geared towards a middle and high school crowd. Rather than focusing on learning specific math concepts or learning words and to read, these sites look at foreign language learning, creative writing, and games with more complex ideas behind them.

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On BoomWriter, kids compete to write subsequent chapters of storybooks. Each student writes collaboratively with a group, and votes to select the best next parts of the story. There is a free wing and paid wing of this site, and it is also available to teachers to get their classes writing together collaboratively.


MusicTheory offers fun, interactive music lessons for music/instrument learners of all ages. Offers basics for students just getting started with music, but also offers great tools for a more advanced music student (such as downloadable staff paper, a chord calculator, and metronome all in one spot).


This is a global literary magazine started by a 15-year-old girl who goes to high school in Massachusetts. Students can submit their own writings (poetry, short stories, essays, etc) and  artwork, photography, videos, and other media to encourage dialogue and understanding between teens of all backgrounds and walks of life from around the globe. Many selections will be featured on the website, which should be a great motivator!


Conjuguemos offers fun and free online language learning activities for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin. There are vocabulary themed quizzes, verb practice, flashcards that are printable, and easy games (like hangman and crosswords). My one gripe with the site is that for many of the quizzes where you type in an answer, it will mark you wrong for using ‘and’ instead of an ampersand, or not using a dash between certain hyphenated words even if they’re answered correctly.

Persuasive Games

Persuasive games offers simple concept games that tend to reach towards more complex ideas (like wind energy or pandemic illnesses) that are suited towards older learners. Its no Minecraft, but the games are really interesting and should get some brain churning going on.