5 Educational Videos Recorded With Google Glass

google glass educationWe’re pretty excited about the prospect of using Google Glass in education. So much so that we wrote a whole ‘Teacher’s Guide To Google Glass‘ and have chatted with a few teachers and early adopters who are already using the hardware. One of those instructors is Andrew Vanden Heuvel. You might remember him from a previous article we ran on Edudemic about Andrew’s trip to CERN which he recorded using Glass and brought it into the classroom. It was pretty impressive and showed the power of Glass to unlock learning like never before.

But Andrew has taken his teaching-using-Glass passion to a whole new level. He’s now recording quick bite-sized videos all about his passion and area of expertise: math and science. It’s called STEMbite and is currently comprised of a few fun videos about things like the physics of singing in the shower. That kinda stuff. Be sure to check out Andrew’s STEMbite site here and keep an eye out for other videos he’s producing.

The Physics of Singing in the Shower

Duckpond Weirdness

Unstable Rotation

Standing Waves

How Trees Grow

About Andrew and his site AGL Initiatives

AGL Initiatives started in 2009 when I created an astronomy project for my students. The folks at USA TODAY Education saw it, liked it, and hired me to develop a more robust version of the project for NASA. Thus my freelance career was born!

I eventually left the classroom and began working full-time as an independent contractor, working largely with Michigan Virtual University on a variety of projects related to online learning. In 2010, I was selected as Michigan Online Teacher of the Year and as a finalists for the National Online Teacher of the Year.

Every day I am grateful for the awesome people that I get to work with, the exciting projects that I get to explore, and the opportunities that I have to teach, create, and continue to learn.