5 April Fools’ Day Pranks Teachers Can Play

It’s just about April Fools’ Day and that means many teachers will be treated to a few pranks that either 1) upset you or 2) make you laugh. Either way, April 1st is a Sunday which means these pranks could happen either Friday or Monday. So be on the lookout!

But what if you, as a teacher, want to fight back? What if the ol’ ‘chalk-in-the-eraser’ bit has gotten you one too many times? Thanks to your super duper best friends at Edudemic, we have you covered. Below are a few fun tricks that could a great way to even the playing field … or at least show that you have a sense of humor.

1) Call out ‘sick’ on Friday or Monday – Think your students want a longer weekend or to not have class on Monday? Have a fellow teacher come in, tell them you’re out sick but that you didn’t have time to find a substitute. Then have that teacher say something like ‘we trust you to be on your own for the rest of the day’ and then have them exit. See what happens. I wonder how long you can last watching them squirm and figure out what to do?

2) Tell your students you’re all going on a field trip to someplace fun at the end of the day – When it gets to be almost the end of the day, tell them that the ‘fun’ place is actually their homes! Zing!

3) Create an entirely new grading system - Tired of the ol’ A, B, and Cs (okay and sometimes Ds and Fs)? Then make up a completely arbitrary and confusing new grading system! For example, students who do well can get a ‘Frog’ and students who don’t do as well can get ‘Blue’ and others can be graded with a gold star. Something that totally confounds the human mind would be the best route to go here.

4) Tell your students the entire day’s class will be conducted via Twitter – Are you a tweacher? Why not just talk about teaching on Twitter and actually do all your teaching on the addictive social media tool? You can instruct students to follow a particular hashtag and then just start typing on your mobile phone in the front of class. Watch ‘em scramble and protest! (Not the best prank if there are not enough computers or other devices around, obviously)

5) In the spirit of flipped classrooms, have one student chosen at random teach for the entire day – Or at least tell them that’s what they’re going to do. They obviously won’t have to but see how long you can go before the students runs out of things to say.

What are some other great and harmless pranks teachers can play on students? Leave your answers on the Edudemic Facebook page so others can see! We’ll update this post with those submissions too so feel free to share the funny!

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  1. ashlinorton

    March 28, 2012 at 1:36 am

    Teachers could also send others pranks via email with a website like HappyOfficePranks.com. Just make sure you send the right prank to the right person so you don’t upset anyone.
    Prank only people with a sense of humor is my advice.