Why Professional Development For Physical Educators Is Critical

Sometimes I think there is so much focus on Math, Science, Reading, and Writing that I wonder if we sometimes forget about the other subjects. Especially in the US, where there is so much testing focused in these areas, the other stuff often feels like ‘extra’. Along the same lines, much of the professional development out there seems geared more towards teachers of these types of classroom subjects, leaving things like the arts and physical education out. The handy infographic below addresses the idea of professional development specifically for physical education teachers. Whether you’re a PE teacher or you know one, it contains some good information.

Have you participated in professional development modules specifically geared towards teachers of your particular subject? Did you find it more useful than ‘general’ professional development? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Professional Development for Physical Educators

  • Research shows that PE is best when taught by credentialed specialists
  • Ongoing professional development is as important for PE teachers as it is for teachers of other subjects
  • PE is highly specialized, and teachers should be well trained in the latest content and instructional strategies
  • 48% of administrators believe that teacher training is the most important factor in implementing quality elementary PE
  • Schools assign classroom teachers with little or no training to about 85% of PE classes
  • Did you know that about 30% of teachers leave their job within 3 years, and 50% within 5 years
  • Physical activity helps students focus, retain more information, and have better academic performance

Types of Professional Development for Teachers

  • Individual research
  • Observing other teachers
  • Team and department meetings
  • Webinars
  • Peer study groups
  • Mentoring
  • Online and university level courses
  • Conferences and workshops

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