4 Education Technology Trends Coming To Your Classroom

Is your classroom ready to become a learning factory? I don’t mean some sort of assembly line of standardized test studying … I mean a literal factory. One of the biggest trends in education technology right now is the 3D Printer. It lets you physically print out just about anything you want to design. That’s just one of the many trends we’re seeing in the edtech world.

See Also: 5 Big Education Technology Trends of 2013 for a more detailed look at the info the below infographic was based on.

What other big things should you expect in your classroom? For starters, a lot more social media, online courses (mostly non-credit), and text messaging. To me, it feels like we’re getting ‘back to the basics’ of education with an increased focus on manufacturing, innovation, and creative thinking.

Let’s hope that actually happens.

This infographic from Online Colleges sheds light on the many trends coming soon to a classroom near you. See anything missing?

edtech trends

Thumbnail via zbrushcentral.com

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  1. mathicando

    February 5, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Nice infographic! Do you think schools will embrace online education technology tools such as the regular use of google docs or something similar? All of a student’s work could be kept online. It could be a class requirement for everyone to use the same online tool. I guess the other question is would teachers and students be allowed to do this or would they have to seek permission first?

    There are so many great online tools these days at our disposal but there are also strict rules to what can and cannot be used at schools.