4 Apps For Optimizing Teacher Workflow

teacher ipadWe know that you’ve got a lot of cool tools in your digital arsenal that help to make your life as a teacher easier. Things like Google Drive and Dropbox make for paper free classrooms and never losing assignments that your students hand in. But beyond these basics, what’s worth spending your time (and sometimes money) on?

There are a lot of apps and web tools out there that are designed to optimize your workflow. There are a lot of very good ones that will only be useful for teachers of specific subjects, and others that will be great for someone who is super detail oriented, but awful for someone who isn’t. Some are designed specifically with teachers in mind, others are not, but we think that these all deserve a shot at a spot on your home screen.


Oxito is a web tool and app that serves as a one stop shop for you to access all of your cloud- based resources. So if you’re storing things in Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, Picasa, and a number of other places, you can access all of your stuff via Oxito. You can easily launch files directly into the programs you need, and its easy to share files with others, as well as seamlessly move them from one service to another.

TeacherKit (formerly TeacherPal)

TeacherKit is a free app that serves as a grade book, attendance monitor, and behavior tracker for your classes. It offers a lot of stuff for a free app, including the ability to email contacts (students, parents) from the app, and set up profiles for all of your students, which is a great way to keep track of anything you need to remember about a particular student.

*Coming in a close second, we really love TeacherTool as well. It comes in a close second because it is quite expensive – $27.99! Definitely worth looking at, though!

Essay Grader

Essay Grader offers a simple way to for teachers to grade writing assignments. The app includes several categories with checkboxes to give basic feedback to students (such as for readability, paragraphing, content, organization, and analysis), and then an area to offer text feedback personalized for each student. You can easily email the grading to the student via email. At $9.99, it isn’t exactly cheap, but if you’re going to be grading a lot of writing assignments, it offers a simple and streamlined way to get the job done.

Good Reader

Good Reader is an inexpensive ($4.99) app that sells itself as a PDF reader, but in actuality it is way more than that. You can integrate it with all of your cloud-based services (see Oxio, above!) and your email so that you have an easy access to your documents. It can handle PDF and TXT files, large books and magazines without chugging along at a slow pace. Users can mark their PDF files with text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and drawings, which makes it a great companion for both teachers and students. Additionally, it offers a search function and the ability to use VGA output so you can project your documents in your classroom.