30 People Under The Age Of 30 Hoping To Improve Education

Every year, Forbes puts out a number of lists called the ’30 Under 30′ in multiple categories. These lists showcase what Forbes describes as “the young disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs on our annual listing of the 30 under 30 are impatient to change the world.” The Forbes editors and reporters work with panels of judges, and choose what they determine to be each field’s  best representations of hard work, innovation, and intellectual best of the under-30 generation.

Once again, the 30 Under 30 Education category highlights some pretty awesome people doing really interesting stuff in the field of education. You can read the entire feature on the Forbes website, but we’ve summarized it a bit for you below. Keep reading to see what the movers and shakers of education have been up to over the past year.

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1. Nic Borg, 27, Co-founder of Edmodo

2. Eren Bali, 29, Co-founder of Udemy

3. Katie Beck, 27, COO of 4.0 Schools

4. Dan Berkowitz, 28, Manager of Youth Orchestra LA

5. Andrew Buher, 28, COO Department of Education NYC

6. Sayamindu Dasgupta, 29, PhD Student, MIT Media Lab

7. Liam Don, 27, Sam Chaudhary, 27, Co-founders of Class Dojo

8. Aaron Feuer, 22, Xan Tanner, 22, David Carel, 23, Co-founders of Panorama Education

9. Alejandro Gac-Artigas, 25, Founder of Springboard Collaborative

10. Rafael Garcia, 26, Dan Carroll, 26, Tyler Bosmeny, 27, Co-founders of Clever

11. Brad Hargreaves, 27, Matthew Brimer, 27, Co-founders of General Assembly

12. Jeremy Johnson, 29, Co-founder of 2U

13. Jeremiah Kittredge, 27, Founder of Families For Excellent Schools

14. Joyce Meng, 27, Jennifer Chen, 27, Founders of Givology

15. Alexis Morin, 23, Catharine Bellinger, 23, Co-founders of Students For Education Reform

16. Sydney Morris, 28, Evan Stone, 29, Co-founders of Educators 4 Excellence

17. Garrett Neiman, 25, Co-founder of CollegeSpring

18. Saad Rizvi, 28, Katelyn Donnelly, 27, SVPs at Pearson

19. Greg Rosenbaum, 25, Producer of SXSW

20. Alison Johnston Rue, 26, Co-founder of InstaEDU

21. Elliot Sanchez, 27, Founder of mSchool

22. Kane Sarhan, 26, Co-founder of Enstitute

23. Beth Schmidt, 29, Founder of Wishbone

24. Mandela Schumacher-Hodge, 28, Director of Startup Weekend Education

25. Elizabeth Ratner Slavitt, 27, Content scaling lead at Khan Academy

26. Zakiya Smith, 28, Strategy director at the Lumina Foundation

27. Andrew Sutherland, 24, Founder of Quizlet

28. David Tjaden, 26, Chair of Student Programs at the National Education Association

29. Caryn Voskuil, 27, Manager of School Model Innovation at Rocketship Education

30. Tony Wan, 28, Managing Editor of EdSurge News

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  1. George Heds

    February 2, 2014 at 1:21 am

    This list should be called “30 People Hoping to Make a Killimg off of Education.” Some of these are pretty good products but there’s not a single teacher on the list.