3 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Professional Development

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Networking has long been the name of the game when it comes to the business world. Today, more and more of the networking takes place on the internet, and it isn’t limited to business – teachers, self employed folks, and even students are taking part. Being able to make useful connections, find jobs or as with many companies, look for potential employees has become much easier thanks to networking and social sites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an ideal choice for individuals because it allows them to show off their credentials to potential employers, colleagues, and people with similar professional interests.

But how can you make the most of LinkedIn? There are a few crucial aspects of creating a page that you do not want to overlook:

Improve Your Profile


A strong profile usually consists of a wealth of relevant information, detailing your work history, education, awards, distinctions, etc. The more information you care share that showcases your experience, the better. This also allows interested potential employers to see where you’ve been and what contributions you’ve made. Make sure to show off what makes you stand out! Don’t forget to add in a photo of yourself – when you’re online, putting a face with a name can make a difference if you want to connect with people.

Get Into Groups


You can use LinkedIn to join groups for certain professionals (like teachers, or technology specialists), or for professional associations. Constantly communicate with group members in order to show that you are an active and social individual that is interested in staying up to date with trends, always looking for bright and intelligent connections, etc.  Encourage your colleagues to take advantage as well Рcurating your professional network happens both online and in person.



Never underestimate the ability of frequent typos to undermine the overall look of your profile. You may have impressive facts, lovely photos, or a long list of connections. However, if your page is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, the overall look of your page becomes considerably less professional. Make sure that your information is organized. Check to see that text is proofread and free of typos and grammatical errors. Also check to see that any links that are included are working.