3 Ways to Show Proper Appreciation For Teachers

Praising is one thing that usually brings comfort and joy to a person. Seeing someone who appreciates your work and lighting a spark of understanding in someone’s eyes is something so unique and rewarding that only a few of us really experience. But it’s this same feeling that keeps educators going. It motivates them to strive for excellence and acts as the perfect acknowledgement of all their efforts.

It may not be the award that people in general are looking for but the fulfillment of leaving a mark on someone’s life to help them better develop as a human being is more than most us us could wish for. The unfortunate thing is that such accomplishments are not newsworthy so the public is not aware of all these heroes from among us. But have no fear, we all know at least one of them. Every big CEO, hotshot journalist or famous millionaire has a fond memory of a teacher who motivated them.

But besides these personal experiences, what can one do to really appreciate the role of teachers? Appreciation is a responsibility we all have because this world needs great teachers to cultivate beautiful minds.

teacher appreciation

At School

Since National Teacher Day took place recently and the end of the school year is nigh, the education field is in celebration mood. Such days are an amazing opportunity for both educators, school administrators and students to come together and appreciate the efforts that are made for education.

Everyone could have a special role to play in this national celebration we all have.

Teachers could be open to communication, to receive feedback and share experiences with fellow colleagues. As for school administrators, they must realize that they control the power of building an environment for healthy learning, which implies satisfied teachers. So they should take such days and think of some new way to applaud the commitment of teachers. And students can do lots of nice things to show their appreciation. For sure at least one teacher speaks their language.

That’s why it is a day to join forces not only to pay proper respect to those involved in the education of our children, but also to remember those teachers who had a special meaning in our own story. If you missed Teacher Appreciation Day on May 5, put in your calendar 5th October, which is World Teachers’ Day.

Look To Businesses

Many businesses offered deals for teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day in May. But many look at how they could support education and how teachers should benefit from this junction. In this direction, schools could demarate projects which include local businesses, in which they could come together for the prosperity of their mutual ecosystem. Other businesses come closer to the education sector by providing the needed tools for free or with discounts.

So teachers can have professional presentations with Prezi , build quizzes and forms with 123ContactForm or organize better with mind maps such as Mindomo. What all these have in common are free and discounted solutions for the education field. Also, to grab your must-have software like the Office or Adobe pack, you could use OnTheHub or something similar that offers up to 95% discounts for teachers.

There are many companies around the world that value the importance of educators. These are just a few to get you going. Every time you start collaborating with a new business, make sure you mention your academic involvement as you might be in for a great surprise because many business oriented companies provide special discounts for teachers.

Make A Nomination for a $ 1 Million Prize

At the Global Education and Skill Forum, Sunny Varkey concluded by announcing the $ 1 million Nobel-like teacher’s prize. Initiated through the Varkey Gems Foundation, The Global Teacher Prize has the opportunity to inspire. “How many kids say they want to be a reality TV star? Let’s get them aiming to be the greatest teacher in the world.” said Varkey. So don’t hesitate to nominate your favorite teacher for this prize and provide them the opportunity to be a role model for children all around the world. This is one beautiful initiative to show us the real appreciation that comes with the involvement in the education field.

So, do you have what it takes to give teachers and education the right appreciation?