3 Popular Video Creation Tools Being Used By Teachers

Before you assign your next project, encourage your students to think outside of the box and get creative! Move away from the dioramas and poster board projects. Allow your students to mix, mash, and video their way to a deeper understanding of the topic by using one of the video creation tools below.

All subject areas can be used with any of these sites from English/Language Arts to Math and Music. Give it a try and see where the students lead you!


creaza logoCreaza is accessed worldwide daily by thousands of students and teachers. This site offers an integrated, web-based toolbox for students and teachers to house creative work, both at school and at home. The Creaza site has integrated into it’s fully developed thematic universes such as historical periods, fairy-tales, and fantasy worlds to name a few. By using the toolbox, you can combine these themes with the content you upload. Creaza does have a limited amount of space to save information so students will need to plan carefully the types of files they will need for the project. The files uploaded to Creaza must stay in the site in order for the final project to run, they cannot be deleted once the project is completed.


animoto logoAnimoto provides an arrangement of tools for creating videos in your classroom by students or for students. This site comes set up with music, photos, and video clips. You can also upload your own photos; video clips and copyright free music as well as add text to your videos. Animoto will create an “orchestrated” custom video for you to share with your students and parents. Your final product can be downloaded, shared on a blog/website or exported to YouTube. When using Animoto be sure that both the teacher and the students have registered for the education account to receive unlimited time for the videos. The regular free account is limited to only 30 second videos.


masherMasher.com allows you to easily create a video by mixing video clips, music tracks and photos from a pre-assembled library of BBC motion gallery clips, Rip Curl and more. You can also “mash” your videos and photos with the masher library content, add text, music and special effects. Masher projects are also shareable on the web through Facebook, MySpace or through email. Masher is a great site to use with older students when you are trying to get them to reach those higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – Analysis and Evaluation.

Once the projects are completed they can be posted to you’re your web page and shared with parents. Projects can also be embedded into PowerPoint presentations for future use as teaching tools or used in any other creative way you can think of. The point is to allow the students to be creative and to “transform” their work, in other words, to get their work out there in the world for others to see and appreciate, to share the learning.