3 Characteristics Of Outstanding School Administrators

school principal sign

School administrators are essential to the success of any school district. They work twelve months a year and their tasks while on the job can range from developing curriculum content all the way to disciplining wayward students. Since school administrators are so critical to the success of the school district, it is important that they possess the leadership attributes needed to have a positive impact on the students and faculty members.


A strong sense of responsibility is critical in administrative work. This is especially true since it is common for the principal to make decisions that will affect thousands of people, such as their students, the parents of those students and the teachers and faculty at the school. School administrators need to be aware of what is happening in the school and they should be very involved in the education process. This extra involvement can help an administrator to better understand the needs of the school and how his or her decisions are affecting the community.

Planning Ahead

School administrators need to always be planning for the future and the years ahead. After all, the goal of education is to prepare children and young adults for their own futures. Having a solid plan for the future can help to increase efficiency and will set up administrators for a much smoother year. A good plan will generally involve some innovative ideas that can move the school forward and solve any problems the school might have. It is vital that a school administrator makes a strong effort to always be learning about new ways to improve the curriculum for the school.

Personal Involvement

School administrators have a large volume of paperwork at their desks so it is understandable that they cannot be walking around the school all day long. This is not a good excuse for never leaving the office, since walking around the school can be a great way to increase communication with the faculty and the students. While walking around the school, in between getting some paperwork done, a school administrator can take the opportunity to get a feel for what is going on in the classrooms and throughout the halls at the school. This can also be a great opportunity to discover and solve some problems as they pop up.

A large number of people attempting to earn their masters of higher education online hope to one day be school administrators, but simply earning your masters in education online is not enough to be a great school administrator. A great school administrator takes responsibility for his or her school and has a vision for the future. The school administrators who are heavily involved in the school, walk around, and get to know the faculty and students are the ones who really make a difference in their schools. It is this sense of personal responsibility that sets them apart and makes them truly progressive school administrators who can positively affect change in the students at their schools.