27 Tips For Mentoring New Teachers

How does a teacher go from just a teacher to a great teacher? Some say that some people are just naturally great teachers. Others might believe that it is the education that they receive. And others yet, point to the mentors that these new teachers have when they start out teaching. The handy infographic below shows tips for new teachers, mentors, and administrators to help all parties involved get the most out of seasoned teachers mentoring new ones. So if you’re looking for some quick tips and tricks to mentoring new teachers, this is for you.

Our Favorite Tips

For Mentors: Find the strengths of the new teacher. Work together to find ways to implement and enhance these strengths.

For New Teachers: Ask. If something confuses you, ask.

For Administrators: Select mentors with care. Choose the risk taker, the early adopter, the seasoned, or those with other special mentoring skills.