School District Approves Classrooms With 250 Students Per Teacher

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In a bold move, the Waterbury, CT school district has approved a bump in the number of allowable students in a classroom. In years past, the maximum number of students allowed in a school classroom was 35. Since the August 25, 2011 vote, classrooms are allowed to have 250 students per teacher.

This comes as Waterbury faces a significant budget shortfall and is looking to cut costs just about everywhere. This past summer, Waterbury laid off all but 2 teachers. These 2 teachers were given a cost-of-living raise and encouraged to “think outside the box” by the school board. When asked for comment, the first teacher (name redacted) said “all I can do is think outside the box; there’s no room to even think in this classroom.”

As part of the significant budget cuts, bus service has also been trimmed down to a single bus. All of the past buses were sold at auction and replaced with one smaller bus capable of holding more students on the roof and rear bumper.

School officials say they’ve seen a significant drop in school attendance which has worked in their favor. “The classrooms are simply not as crowded because hardly anyone is able to make it into school on that old bus” says Stephen Workman, Principal of Waterbury City School.

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