25 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom, By Degree Of Difficulty

The April issue of the Edudemic Magazine is officially ready to go and just awaiting the final stamp of approval by Apple. We’re expecting a launch date of Monday April 2nd, just fyi. In that issue, which is jam-packed once again with edtech goodness, we have a ‘Twitter Spectrum For Educators.’

The brainchild of our own Terry Heick, the Twitter Spectrum offers 25 different ways teachers can incorporate Twitter into the classroom.

It is organized by the categories WATCH (easiest degree of difficulty, TALK (moderate), and PRODUCE (highest degree of difficulty). We did our best to put each box in the appropriate place. Therefore, some of them are in between different degrees of difficulty, etc.

This is just one of the pages of our April issue so be sure you don’t miss out on the rest: if you subscribe to the iPad magazine any day before the launch of the April issue, you’ll get the March issue AND April issue included in your subscription. Just so you know.

Click here to download the PDF version of the Twitter Spectrum (big file, fyi)