25 Sites For Creating Interesting Quote Images

If you’ve used Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or just about any other social network then you’ve probably seen some interesting quotes presented in the form of a splashy and colorful image. You may have thought “I wish I had the time and graphic design expertise to create something nifty like that! My students and friends would love it.”

Well, the long wait is over. Below is a useful list of more than two dozen (and growing) sites that let you easily create interesting quote images. These can be useful for presentations or project-based learning in just about any classroom.

For example, you can have students find a favorite quote, create an innovative image out of that quote, and then stand up and explain why that quote matters to them. The quote can be shown on a screen behind the student as if they’re delivering a full presentation. Great for students to get over a fear of speaking and to take some pride in learning how to use new programs and graphic design.

An example I made on PicMonkey for this post:

jeff dunn quote

However you use your quotes, check out this fabulous list from Denise Wakeman and try out some of them for yourself.