24 Questions That Test Your Mental Agility


Okay, now onto what this is. It’s a test of your mental flexibility and mental agility (not your IQ or math talent) published in the May/June 1981 issue of GAMES and called the Equation Analysis Test. I thought the brilliant readers of Edudemic should attempt to see how they fare.

Now, onto the test (and a few more instructions to follow):

mental agility test

The Answers (No Peeking!)


a. 26 = L. of the A. Letters of the Alphabet

b. 7 = W. of the A.W. Wonders of the Ancient World

c. 1,001 = A.N. Arabian Nights

d. 12 = S. of the Z. Signs of the zodiac

e. 54 = C. in a D. (with the J.) Cards in a deck (with the jokers)

f. 9 = P. in the S.S. Planets in the solar system*

g. 88 = P.K. Piano keys

h. 13 = S. on the A.F. Stripes on the American flag

i. 32 = D.F. at which W.F. Degrees Fahrenheit at which water freezes

j. 18 = H. on a G.C. Holes on a golf course

k. 90 = D. in a R.A. Degrees in a right angle

l. 200 = D. for P.G. in M. Dollars for passing “Go” in Monopoly

m. 8 = S. on a S.S. Sides on a stop sign

n. 3 = B.M. (S.H.T.R.!) Blind mice (See how they run!)

o. 4 = Q. in a G. Quarts in a gallon

p. 24 = H. in a D. Hours in a day

q. 1 = W. on a U. Wheel on a unicycle

r. 5 = D. in a Z.C. Digits in a ZIP code

s. 57 = H. V. Heinz varieties

t. 11 = P. on a F.T. Players on a football team

u. 1,000 = W. that a P. is W. Words that a picture is worth

v. 29 = D. in F. in a L.Y. Days in February in a leap year

w. 64 = S. on a C. Squares on a chessboard (or checkerboard)

x. 40 = D. and N. of the G.F. Days and nights of the Great Flood

*Note that today, question f would be recast as 8 = P. in the S.S. since Pluto is now officially considered a dwarf planet.


  1. vdixon

    December 4, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    I have this original document from 20 years ago … Mimeoraph marks and all. Flashback !!

  2. Grant

    December 9, 2012 at 1:17 am

    That is nigh impossible if you are not from the United Stated, don’t know the flag, don’t have the metric system, haven’t heard of Heinz, we don’t have zip codes.