24 Multimedia Tools That Support The Common Core

The Common Core identifies a spiraling set of skills necessary to prepare students for success in school and beyond. The standards are designed to teach students how to think. They call for increased comprehension combined with the ability to clearly express learning through active participation in the learning process.

Technology is a powerful tool for learning that can be used effectively to support the Common Core and help students develop the skills necessary for success. Students can develop transferable knowledge and skills as they engage in learning experiences that require them to construct knowledge.

Multimedia to Construct Knowledge

Students can construct deep knowledge about a topic as they engage in building a multimedia project. If used effectively, a well designed student-driven learning experience can take the place of traditional methods of teaching content. Use of digital tools can provide students with flexible learning paths to meet their unique learning styles.

Flexible Learning Paths

Explore this interactive graphic I created to find 24 useful tools and resources for using technology to support student learning in our digital world. You can mouse over and click on the different tools and other areas of the visualization.

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  1. Melanie Link Taylor

    January 1, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Thanks you for the interactive approach for us not-as-techie types. You are a great help!