20+ UK Twitter Users Educators Should Follow

Curating your Twitter feed is an interesting task. Sometimes you know exactly what you want to get out of the people whose Tweets you’re spending your time reading. Finding new people to follow on Twitter can range from being fun to being a total pain in the neck. Personally, I tend to look for people who seem interesting, follow them, and give them a ‘trial run’ of sorts, to see if I like what I see. Once they’re in the feed, it becomes clearer how much of an overtweeter they are, or if they really share so little that you miss it. I either keep or unfollow them from there. It works for me, but it does take time to curate the list, which sometimes, frankly, we just don’t have a lot of. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 20+ folks who are tweeting about education in the UK for you to check out. We’ve included the descriptions they’ve offered of themselves as found on their Twitter profile page – a quick overview to help you decide if they might be interesting to you. The list is absolutely not meant to be exhaustive, but if you have some favorites that we haven’t included here (make sure they are UK focused!) do share them with us by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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20 UK Twitter Users Educators Should Follow

BBC Education: Set up by @mario, supported by http://backstage.bbc.co.uk 

SchoolDuggery: Keeping an independent and occasionally caustic eye on schools and education. Independent is not the same as impartial.

DfE: The official Twitter account for the Department for Education and its executive agencies – STA, EFA and National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Laura McInerney: Taught in London. Education Policy Nerd and Writer for Guardian, LKMCo, & TES.

Ann Mroz: Editor and Digital Publishing Director, TES, and former editor of Times Higher Education

Watchsted: Current Inspection Intelligence & Database of Ofsted Inspection Reports

Greg Hurst: Education Editor at The Times

Helen Warrell: FT public policy correspondent. I write about education & home affairs.

Jonathan Simons: Personal feed. Head of Education at Policy Exchange (mostly tweeting from@PXEducation) Chair of governors of@greenwich_FS. Ex civil servant wonk. #LFC fan

Jonn Elledge: Working on a secret project for the@NewStatesman. Bangs on about education/transport/housing/Doctor Who. Forward your spam to jonn.elledge@newstatesman.co.uk.

Michael Shaw: Programme director for online learning at TES (and former TES deputy editor). Tweeting in a personal capacity, often about non-school-related stuff.

Stephen Chamberlain: Regional Director of Education/ Executive Board: Tendring Teaching School Alliance Experienced Executive Principal & Ofsted Inspector

Lee Donaghy: Father, husband and Assistant Principal at the amazing @ParkViewBham. Proud Red #jft96 Views my own.

Warwick Mansell: Freelance education journalist, ed policy nerd and sometime stay-at-home dad. warwickmansell@gmail.com

Reeta Chakrabarti: I am UK Affairs Correspondent and presenter for BBC News and this is my personal profile

Micon Metcalfe: Champagne socialism is back. Hurrah! Ed-Biz. Usually optimistic, frequently cross and occasionally jaded. All the rest is cats. I like them.

Richard Adams: Education editor at the Guardian – email me at richard.adams @ theguardian dot com

Toby Young: Classical Liberal

Claire Walker: Director of Communications at Teach First, Mum to Eliza and Clara. Lives and loves in Camberwell. Married to a full time dreamer….All views my own

Sean Coughlan: BBC News education correspondent. Awarded Education Journalist of the Year in December 2011. The views here are my own.