2 Ways MOOCs Just Became The Schools Of The Future

There are some major developments in the MOOCs (sounds silly, I know) world that are truly a picture of things to come. The legitimacy of online learning and MOOCs in particular is growing thanks to what happened this week.

Udacity Course Counted As Credit

First, Colorado State University’s Global Campus announced that students taking a computer science class on Udacity (MOOCs provider) will receive full transfer credit. This is quite obviously a boon for both the online learning startup and Colorado State University. Udacity gains legitimacy and the university gets potential transfer students. Win-win.

This move comes shortly after a few other universities started offering academic credit for Udacity courses. Those were in Austria and Germany (the big news is that this is the first time a US-based school accepted credit).

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edX Partners With Pearson

The mega-popular edX platform also took a step forward thanks to a new partnership with Pearson’s testing centers. While the main partners of edX (Harvard, MIT, UC-Berkeley) don’t accept credits from edX, this move into proctored exams with Pearson could pave the way for credit acceptance to happen sooner than later.

A quick note, both edX and Udacity now have partnership deals with Pearson that involves supervised in-person exams.

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