2 Reasons Today’s Apple Announcements Matter To Schools

apple ipad mini educationToday’s Apple event is going to be covered ad nauseum by the press, pundits, experts, and blogs. Edudemic may be about education and technology but we’re by no means able to compete with the likes of the big boys. However, I feel like I have to share my quick thoughts with the Edudemic audience about what’s about to happen. Here goes.

A Passion For Education

As we saw in the Steve Jobs video posted on Edudemic yesterday, NeXT was started to help education. Jobs wanted to create software that was able to bring high-tech into cash-strapped schools. Not much has changed. Jobs may have passed away but the dream to bring the best technology into schools has not gone anywhere. In fact, I could argue that the push for technology in education is stronger than ever.

That’s why fans and non-fans of Apple should pay attention to today’s announcement. Assuming the rumor mill is mostly correct, we’ll have a cheaper but equally powerful tool at the disposal of teachers and students around the world. And since it’s an Apple product, you know it’ll be used in classrooms as soon as it’s available.

But the iPad Mini signals more than just a change in price point for iPads. It’s more than Apple’s attempt to compete with the Google Nexus tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nook, etc.

It shows that Apple (and therefore all other companies about to follow suit) is making a big push to keep technology flowing into classrooms.

iBooks Update

The iPad Mini will be a fabulous way for teachers and schools to bring tablets into the classroom. But Apple is expected to also announce a revamp of iBooks and perhaps iBooks Author. This means the iPad Mini will be viewed as a content consumption device, primarily used as a means to read books, learn, and interact on the go. In other words, it’s perfect for classrooms.

Apple, along with many other companies, is making a huge push into education technology. This means that any ‘Mini’ announcement will be a major shift in how edtech proceeds. Whether you like it or not, when Apple makes a move … everyone notices.

The Price Is Right?

It’ll be exciting to see a cheaper and powerful iPad Mini to be sure. What I’m more interested in is seeing the response from the education world. Will the price point (expected to be a rumored $329) be low enough? Will it have enough features? Will iBooks be a big draw? Will the new Retina Display Macbook Pro be even more exciting? What about iMacs? Weigh in down in the comments or on the Edudemic Facebook page to share your thoughts / insight with the rest of the community!