17 Tech Terms Connected Educators Must Know

From time to time, I find myself saying ridiculous things. Ridiculous in the ‘I grew up in the ’80’s’ sort of sense. Specifically, I have a hard time saying ‘record’ in reference to a TV show or movie, and instead I am inadvertently old-school and often refer to it as ‘videotaping’. I know, I know. No one has owned a VCR in years except for my grandma. But when I came across this handy visual it brought to mind things that truly connected educators should probably know before the upcoming school year, I was happy to see that I’m not the only one that needs to update my colloquial vocabulary. Even people much younger than me are losing some quite commonly spoken words as technology changes. What to know what to wipe out of your vocab to help keep yourself from looking like you live in the dark ages? Keep reading to learn more.

Tech Terms That Are Changing (or going away!)

  • .com
  • surf (as in, the web)
  • click
  • dial
  • www.
  • stream
  • piracy
  • thread
  • wireless
  • tablet
  • torrent

Tech Terms Of The Future

  • glassed up
  • anti-social
  • print