12 Ways The Web Will Change This Year

web crystal ballI’m fascinated by the malleable nature of the web. It seems to change, flex, adjust, and grow every day. Some days it’s a powerful tool for a rebellion in a foreign country. Other days it’s a way for a couple Stanford professors to educate countless users around the world. Whatever it is, the web is always changing.

So what kind of changes should you expect in 2012? Since we’re nearly halfway through the year (crazy, right?), I felt that this Slideshare presentation by Millward Brown was an important set of predictions to know about. Personally, I think most of these predictions will come true by mid-2013 but I’m always for pushing the envelope!

A few of these predictions are obviously geared towards marketers but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something in there for educators. For example, the topic of ‘mobile wallets’ is a prediction that’s definitely focused on an audience of marketers. But what about teachers? Mobile wallets could help teachers accept money for field trips or be used as an in-classroom tool to explain how money works. It’s all about looking at each slide through your ‘teacher lens.’

What predictions do you think will come true? What else will happen by the end of 2012 or early 2013? Will we be riding Jetsons-style flying school buses and eating rehydrated slop prepared by robots? Weigh in down in the comments or on the Edudemic Facebook page! I look forward to hearing your predictions!

Cover photo provided by UTC.edu via bakasmedia.com