118 Videos Explaining Each Element In The Periodic Table

If you’re a science teacher, you’re going to want to bookmark this as soon as possible. If you’re not a science teacher, heck, you’ll still love this and learn a thing or two.

The University of Nottingham has created ‘The Periodic Table of Videos‘ and it’s just what the title would imply. 118 videos that explain each element.

Video journalist Brady Haran and working chemists from the University of Nottingham assembled these videos for the world to enjoy. Now, they say they’re going to start improving and beefing up each video with new stories, better samples, and bigger experiments. Love it.

They also have a new video series, dubbed ‘The Molecular Videos’ which is a showcase of their favorite molecults and compounds. What’s your favorite? Mine would have to be Uranium, the heaviest natural element. Because I like to imaging that one molecule weighs like 1,000 pounds and that it’s impossible to move like the Sword in the Stone. But enough babble. Go watch these terrific videos!

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